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Three weeks ago, the River Tyne had a flash flood (15 feet) that resulted in neighbours' cars being written off.

This weekend, a slightly greater flood (19 feet) has entered their houses (as, indeed, it did in January 2005).

In 2005 the height of the flood quickly subsided when the flood defence embankment was overtopped and subsequently gave way.
The embankment was a legacy construction from 1948 that was built using the existing river sand.

Since then the embankment has been rebuilt, stronger, and (slightly higher) using imported boulder clay.

Currently, the floods affecting neighbours' houses are lingering, and are slightly higher than they were in 2005 (no surprise there since they raised the embankment).

The prediction is that even higher levels will occur at 2 am Sunday, and it is anticipated that the rebuilt embankment will be overtopped by this 'surge'.
The nearby concrete wall (shown here mid afternoon) has already been overtopped.

I should point out that the embankment (and concrete wall) is only on the far side of the river, so there is no protection on our side.
I am high enough to be above all but catastrophic flooding (such as the collapse of Kielder Dam).
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