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You talk about CRM, culture, respect and decency and yet you refer to the DEC's joining easyJet as desperados. How does that reflect on you? They will be your colleagues; how about you treating them with respect and decency. I don't see your attitude as typical easyJet culture. Give respect and you will get it in return. Perhaps you feel the company are not giving you personally respect; have you thought it maybe because of your attitude
I've flown with low hour guys and 5 year SFOs this week, and have treated both with the same respect, although anyone that's flown with me will know that I'm pretty laid back when its the RHS sector, as long as nothing stupid/dangerous is done (which is extremely rare)

I left EZY then returned back into the LHS 2 years later (after 7 years LHS with the company before that). Does that mean I was a desperado too?

Before that gets answered, I did what I was sure (and still am sure) was the right decision for me and my family at the time.

Treat with respect and get respect back is the way I see it.
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