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Hi Arthur,
Long time no see,
the old ugly issue rears its head again.
You will remember me I came to visit way back in 80s holding a fresh CLASS 3 DAYLIGHT Rating with 50Hours IF and NO NIGHT as I failed to meet ICAO requirements.
My old green licence on PAGE XIII stated:-
The holder of the licence is not permitted to pilot aircraft'
1/. At Night
2/. within CTA unless fitted with VHF radio
as he fails to meet the medical colour perception standards specified by ICAO.
I remember how you intervened on my behalf back in March 1990 when I was given permission and more importantly my instructor was given permission to train me "to the minimum amount necessary" to land at night.
So on 18th March 1990 I did Night Circuits for an hour then next night consolidated them and got STAMP in LG stating FIRST SOLO IN TYPE
this occurred at 3120 hours total time and 3000 PIC and 320 IF logged.
I put 15 hours of NIGHT in at that time.
Section CAO 47.3
A few weeks later I did two cross countries of 100 miles to remote areas and qualified for but never obtained the NVFR rating.
So I flew under the provisions of the CIR SE/A NGT IFR
And did the mandatory three landings and 1 hour or so each six months, and then TVASIS approaches and PAPI and now new LED lighting.
Never missed the runway and never came close to another aircraft at night.
Never had a lantern flashed at me from a tower at night or by day.
I have landed at BKSY, YPAD and YMMB at night and countless long distance cross countries and outback ever since..

Well here we are 2016
My old green licence on PAGE XIII has stamps all over the page stating "RESTRICTIONS LIFTED"
And on next page.
"SUPERSEDED" which refers to flight at night.
I now have 30 command IR renewals all restrictions lifted and 5000+hours PIC, Canadian and FAA licences 2 years in ARCTIC ALASKA (where there is no such thing as NGT VFR) and about 800 night IFR hours no NVMC rating and still alive.
My current new licence states amongst other things Holder of licence does not fully meet ICAO Convention Chapter 6 requirements.
My FAA licence makes no mention.
My Canadian requires the Aussie lic to be carried and all limitations from that licence apply.

My PIR FPAs deemed down from my CIRSEA back in 2004
granted me NGT and VISCIRCLING
amongst the other 10 or so approvals for SE SIDS and IDS.

So what went wrong with the system and why now?
Maybe I should present myself to Canberra DAMEs again?
A do the demonstration flights in CTA zone again picking out all the planes in the night sky and landing on the runway not the road?
Even managed to use the runway at Merrill Field AK at night some 300m adjacent and to left of Spenard Street which runs right through centre of Anchorage AK.

And thanks by the way..

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