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No one is suggesting they shouldn't have a desire to link to Heathrow to Liverpool , I'm simply suggesting that where there is no direct link from Liverpool to a particular City, it might be desirable to give equal emphasis to using Manchester, as indeed they are doing with the prospect of a possible link to Heathrow.

My goodness we are 10 years minimum away from a Heathrow daily and yet Manchester exists now!

By continually stating there is a necessity to connect international destinations almost suggests there are no other options and that business in Liverpool is totally marooned until such time as a third runway in London arrives. Many of those business on the East side of the City are a little over 30 minutes from Manchester !

I do appreciate the quote attributed to Liverpool School of English is 6 months old, but I have seen little to suggest an awareness by say the Liverpool Chamber of the long haul offering now available just up the road.

With reference to the swap of Liverpool to Brussels it simply would not happen if the route was profitable, the same applies to KLM. I am not disputing the service was popular , but popularity and profitability are two different things, again KLM simply would not have cancelled the route if it was making lots of money.

Hopefully FlyBe etc will prove successful for Liverpool with an improvement in the current economic cycle.

Management of stand efficiency at Manchester is I feel a totally a different topic and one which many of us would hope is being addressed.

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