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managment are only planning for numbers that will be exceeded long before it is completed.
Summer 2016 is looking exceptionally strong for MAN by the standards of recent years. But a big driver of this is $40 - $45bbl oil; less than one-third of the price we saw in very recent memory. This price-level is quite exceptional ... no city analysts saw this coming. We need to enjoy the resultant growth spurt because it will not be sustained indefinitely and we can be sure that oil prices will eventually revert to the mean and then overreact higher. I don't mean to be a killjoy but that is the way commodities markets work. Ten years out we will have seen some good years and some tough ones.

However, if there is a sustained major surprise to the upside, MAN is actually not up the proverbial creek without a paddle. You see, those mothballed plans for the extension of T3 to the East remain on file. They can be resurrected if needed. And that would be new capacity over and above that provided by the TP as it currently stands.

A couple of diversions says it all, all major airports should and are excluding MAN of course accept 6-8 diversions. Its not much to ask.
As you might have noticed, I agree! But the issues here appear to include car parking on the apron, a misguided emphasis on avoiding bad PR, and poor levels of contingency from MAN's fragmented collection of under-resourced handling agencies. I won't upset everyone by repeating my suggestions to resolve this!
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