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Learned a interesting factoid yesterday,watching one of the excellent documentaries in the American Experience series about the plague of TB which effected America in the 19th and early 20th century as much as it did Europe.
In America for much of that period men wore unfeasable large silly beards, vast amounts of facial hair being almost compulsary then and Ladies wore long skirts that trailed in the dirt behind em thus hiding their best asset ie their ankles.
When it was discovered that TB was caused by a small critter called a Germ that lurked everywhere in the environment and could be easily picked up the chaps all started shaving off their daft beards which could almost be classed as landscape so said germs would have nowhere to lurk and the Ladies raised their hemlines out of the dirt of the street also to avoid picking up critters from the ground.
Thus is fashion sometimes driven by practical logic and not by a bunch of strange chaps with squeaky voices in Paris.
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