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It (will) be a talk about the Alnwick Garden by the Head Gardener and what part the Duchess of Northumberland plays.

Distance to venue insignificant as I usually take a walk around the village several times (or at least once) a day.

We haven't (yet) received Storm Barney - though Sodd's Law suggests that it will have arrived by Thursday (when the event is expected to occur).

What confused me was that I was certain that I had the correct date (I had) but the information 'Thursday 17th November' was false.

It was better (I believe) to have attended two days early, rather than two days too late - it is difficult to correct the latter, whereas the former is a mere inconvenience (though I had to rearrange at short notice my planned activities for this evening).

it seems that you have documentary evidence of someone else's coq-up,
It will not go without comment . . .
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