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RE apu cone v HS pivot frame

#2106 (permalink)- looks like that drawing following re lever action has been deleted --- but I'l' leave the following comment anyway

Yo -- The apu tail cone is NOT a primary structure and is held on to the HS pivot framework by essentially 4 lugs.
The plane would fly without the tail cone in place as it is maijnly an aero fairing designed to reduce drag and provide an exit for APU exhaust.

Look closely at the HS wingbox and pivot loactions and the surrounding fairly bulky frame- possibly a forging. The JS reaction is at the top " plate " between the pivot frame and the rear PB.

Note that we have yet to see the pivot points, the surrounding HS 'frame"( forging ) and the attached jack screw mechanisms.

While the leverage principle is basically valid, the identification of the cone " frame" as part of the pivot frame is incorrect.

I've yet to find a good- reasonable pic of the apu tailcone - or any of the HS reaction frame other than factory pics

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