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Mmmm, the irony - which is behind only part of my comment - doesn't travel well in text.

For a more serious bit of input, I hope that the GPS stuff comes back when the solar disturbance has passed. The rate at which ground based navaids are being removed and at procedures are introduced that are reliant on space-based systems, leaves the entire aviation system vulnerable because nature is bigger than anything that we make.

But it will be OK, in Europe at least - the politicians have set up the EACCC.

But back to my original point for a moment, I know procedural control isn't taught much any more. And I know that the experts don't trust the sort of controller we have in Europe to do procedural control. But even the most inept controllers among us should be able to work out when aeroplanes are 1000ft or 2000ft apart vertically and 10 minutes apart longitudinally. And being able to do that should be a basic skill for any controller because that radar that we rely on is built by humans too!
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