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Exclamation Puhhlease

What if a fairly small explosive device took out the cables to the recorder and blew a relatively small hole in the skin of the aircraft. Child is sucked through hole.
Unless the explosive device cut a major structural member- or control cables, etc, a ' small hole " for example the size of a window or two is not likely to 1) suck out a child ( unless he/she was next to it

2) and is NOT likely to result in a rapid disintegration of the airplane.

In fact air systems for pressurization are designed to accomodate a ' window" blowout, requiring as descent to 10 k ASAP, along with dropping of O2 masks.

Explosive decompression myths re a hole sucking out a person seem to be based on a) plane is like a ballon, it pops b) A james Bond movie where gert frobe ? was sucked out... Neither is true ..

Yes an hawian airline had an explosive decompression in which a whole panel blew out due to corrosion and a flight attendant was sucked out and killed . But even then the plane landed as a ' convertable "
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