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@ Prada on TCAS power

Prada is it possible to post the FR24 data or statements that you are referring to?

What you suggest could lead one to conclude that the power distribution between a. the engines//generators and b. the aft fuselage (read tail and flight recorders) failed first.

And that 26 sec later the power between c. engines/generators and d. avionics bay/MEC failed thereafter.

Which would suggest an 'aft fuselage and/or tail event' first. And subsequent aerodynamic breakup later.

Question then is what is the '26 sec later moment' in sync with ... is that a complete loss of communications ... or loss of SSR data (because of comms failure or dropping below the horizon of the SSR or ADS-B receivers... or hitting the deck)?

Or is it just a 26 sec 'extrapolation' by the FR24 'processors'.
Am going to read the Kommersant article now - thanks @thf.

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