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@Nightinggale14 on recorders

Recorders are only part of a huge load of data and voice information. Albeit very important ones.

Within that context.

The available pictures show denting and bending of the power unit and the 'base plate' of the recorder(s). The memory unit looked unscratched even, and without exposure to fire. So yes, it is surprising that they do not have immediated 'plug-in and read' access to the data. But not uncommon.

So if there is damage you would expect it to be from impact dynamics. In this case the impact speed of the plane appears to be less than other cases in which good access was obtained from the start. But still, not uncommon that there is damage.

The question that i get from this is, in what context was the recorder found. Was it on its tray in a large piece of structure (where the environment absorbs a large part of the energy), or was it in a small piece, or was it ejected from the tray and landed on its own. In the last case you might get closer to your design limits. I dont know, but at what stage (g-loads, impact angles and orientation, etc...) would for instance the board that carries the memory chips crack. In such a case plug and play is not possible. So you would transfer the board and memory to either a more specialized lab or the recorder manufacturer. Nothing strange about that. Takes time of course.

Shows you how important it is that people who inform the 'public' are knowledgeable and careful in the words they use. Same for the friends in the press. In this case it was suggested early on that it was 'impossible' to get information out of the recorder.

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