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i have mapped the RF24 data with the location of the pieces of wreckage, I can’t attach an image (how can I do this?) but a few findings that may give a bit more context to the crash site

- The south east debris field (containing the tail, but no confirmation of HS here) is located approximately 800m to the east from the flight path (@31k ft), and where the FR24 data starts going strange (04:13:14 onwards), indicating where the ‘event’ might have occurred.
- The north west debris field with the main wreckage is approx. 2km south east of the last FR24 data point, the nose of the aircraft wreckage is pointing south west.
- The main debris field is approx. 2.5km to the north west from the and tail debris field.
- The flight path is straight as an arrow until a time just after the ‘event’, then drifts to the west, then to the east a bit.
- The points at the end of the FR24 seem to be bunched up spatially, maybe indicating a rapid decent without much vertical travel.

This spatial data seems to me show that whatever the event was it was sudden and the plane became unflyable and came down quickly, the image shows this much clearer than the text.

Does anyone know a spatial location of the HS wreckage?
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