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Originally Posted by thcrozier View Post

Personally I think FR24 is improving all the time. Progress is difficult for us old guys to accept, especially when we thought we had the world all figured out long ago. I feel it as much as anyone. Though sheetsky for us.

FR 24 is not perfect, but has it shown anything demonstrably wrong in its overall picture of what happened out there on the northeastern Sinai Peninsula?
thcrozier, I agree with your comments on improvements, but I don't see a wide distribution of this kind of data as "progress", first because very few viewers are capable of meaningfully interpreting flight data; the experienced, old guys and gals have a tough enough time!, (remember the AF447 thread after the recorders were found...anything but conclusive).

My view is that interpretations without knowledge and experience is just this side of guessing and for many is short-term, non-serious engagement.

Under the heading of the old phrase, "everyone's an expert", I hasten to add that we dwell in an age in which it is generally thought of as impertinent to claim expertise, experience and knowledge when actually one has been doing such work for decades, and instead believing that because the technology exists, everyone should get "flight data" and have the right to read the tea leaves, etc., etc. But I have seen far more incorrect conclusions drawn over the years than insightful, correct conclusions drawn regarding what actually happened. In my view, many of the posts on this and any thread post-accident, illustrate this phenomenon.

I am not being critical of speculation or even rumour and I mean no disrespect for those who built/are building FR24 is intended. What is instead intended is a clear caution that while the technical capability exists to capture a few parameters, (less than are required by the FAA for this age of aircraft, it should be understood), that is less than half the battle when confronting what the airplane/crew/environment was actually like and what actually occurred.
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