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If I'm not mistaken you do mag checks in flight do you not.
If you were a pilot you'd know that the book you worship requires them in some circumstances. And if you had any capacity to learn and reason logically, you'd understand why an in-flight mag check on a conforming engine is a complete non-event.
Please inform us all how you can tell break up of a bearing or cam lobe with a engine monitor.
I can organise an oil analysis and do other inspections without the 'benefit' of your input, thanks very much.

And what would the most likely cause of the break up of a bearing or cam lobe be? Bad manufacture or incompetent maintenance.
Honestly go back to saying how bad elts are and they don't work. Shame what happened in WA a few weeks back ? Saved his bacon.
The reliability of ELTs after a crash is shown by the data. But we already knew that you are incapable of learning from data.
Until the civil courts take into account a release by the owner and therefore release the shop or lame it's a great thing. You can't have your cake and eat it to.
Must be busy being an expert on piston engines and civil law. Where did you get your degree and when were you admitted to practice?
Most of the time from more experience than you will ever have can lobes especially on lycoming engines are found to be breaking up due corrosion. This simple can be seen by removal of the cylinder as it says in the AWB but owners don't won't this extra cost. Any wonder why if this is true Casa is acting. I can take it you will be affected. To that I say woop woop.
And when the last of the GA owners give it up because of this mule-stupid lowest common denominator system, I will mourn the loss of work to the good engineers in the system. And you sure ain't one of them.

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