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The problem isn't on condition engines, it those owners that do very few hours and just think an engines inner workings are fine.

I worked for a company that had a large number of Chieftains that were allowed to over run their TBO by hundreds of hours with little issues. but these engines did regular and consistent flying with proper trend monitoring.

Yet on the same airfield I knew of one single beech that did around 50 hours a year and the owner wanted to have his engine on condition when it reacheded it's calendar life. Not an aircraft I'd like to fly.

It is these owners that forces CASA to act in the manner it does and will for piston engines. However TBO extensions for turbines are much easier, mostly because the manufacturers recognise those operators who have implemented programmes of trend monitoring, regular boroscope inspections and regular oil analysis.

It would be great if CASA went back to allowing TBO over runs on Pistons under strict programmes such as above, but we will never see those days again.
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