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While many of the current issues raised here are accurate Id like to discuss the issue of this job being called a "cruise captaincy"

I think its detrimental to anyone on this job to make these claims - each fleet while operated differently makes NO mention that those hired will in fact only be operating or occupying the seat only at altitude.

ICAO refers to a cruise Captain / Second Officer or in the case of Transport Canada here as a Cruise Relief Pilot (CRP) as a pilot who operates the aircraft only for the purposes of allowing the Captian and FO to take rest and may only occupy the seat above 10000ft.

The PPC for the CRP intact doesn't even require them to show proffecincy in landing and t/o

IFALPA further defines cruise captaincy which doesn't match the current position at CS..

Forgive me If Im wrong but there remains an expectation at CS for you to complete 3 TO/LDGS every 90 days as stated in the FOM.

In addition recurrent sim training also covers those maneuvers that are both takeoff and landing based.

The FOM outlines progression from new hire captain up to instructor captain -

There are and have been cases of experienced captains stepping into the P1 role on the 77.

removing emotion from the equation - removing the fact that yes you have to ask to get in a landing and removing the emotion that this airline runs asymmetric to ones previous life does not constitute a cruise captaincy.

Suggesting such is only shooting oneself in the foot and will simply start to cause more issues when applying elsewhere -

Is it perfect no

But its not a cruise captaincy job.

This website is indeed a valuable tool for those interested in applying and pursuing positions at any airline but the facts indeed should be devoid of emotion, accurate and nonpartisan

Thanks to all those who contribute.
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