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You sound so much like Gammon that I wonder if he just swapped identities and continued to post.
If you infact are someone else, you haven't been paying attention. It was Gammon that said he wouldn't post any more, 'twas not I telling him.
In fact, it has been he that is playing moderator.
You go on with the the same old sh1te that he has been repeating.
It's stereophonic.

No job that I have ever had has been what I expected.
You only find out after you get there.
Really, you act like amateurs
It is embarrassing.
Have the decency not to act like the spoiled brats.
Things haven't worked out, be professional and deal with it like a man ,instead of acting like a child.

Don't throw your little tantrums on Prune to try and get your way.

If you are at a loss as to what to do, there is a cunning,two point plan;...Wear it or go home. The
Surely you could get another job that is 'drivable'.

You both talk about how good it is on the 330 and RSP out of Australia well, here's a thought that is outside of the square, why don't you swap to the 330 and move out to Australia!

Wait, you two wouldn't be 'Poms ' would you?
If that is the case, disregard the above suggestion because you would soon be complaining about that job as well.
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