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Plastic and Savage I can see you have some serious "Stockhold Syndrome" going on here. Gammon is simply advising prospective future wannabees his opinion about the atrocities of Dark Ages being perpetrated by CS. It is a HUGE problem and they have to fix it ASAP or will attract ZERO Expats.

1. Smoking in the Cockpit- Stop
2. Being a cruise Captain and begging the PIC for a landing at his level and experience in aviation and professional experience.
3. Pay is falling farther and farther behind as Hainan has increased 787 pay to 25K and now even Xiamen offers 26K for a 737.
4. Training which lasts 1 year at 70% pay
5. Scheduling practices even Napoleon would have been proud of keeping everybody on a perpetual Stand-By Reserve system
6. Having to buy tickets to European gateway cities

I agree no place is perfect but please afford Mr. Gammon his right to express his opinion and in the meantime I suggest you wake up and smell the coffee and perhaps ponder your Stockholm Syndrome situation.