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I certainly hope it is your last word on Prune to get what you want ,regardless of what it might do to the others who work beside you.
As it turns out,I do have some experience With Asian airlines but,I don't have any cunning plans to force industrial change. I gave you my 2 point plan in my last post.
I try to be as content as I can in an industry that is not the one that I entered as a young man.
Gone is the professional standard, mutual respect, honest commitment , intestinal fortitude and comraderie of old. Replaced by people only interested in scamming the system for their own benefit.
On the poor quality of life for Boeing pilots having to commute.
$2000 for a bit of last minute commuting to someone who makes around $ 20,000 p/mth? In my last job , I spent that much EVERY month on commuting. You were just pis-ed that people were cycled through Frankfurt ( there are no discount flights there) and were not able to use the EU 50 cheap ticket from Paris or wherever it was you had bought a cheap advance ticket from. As I say, I spent $24,000 per year on committing for 7 + years. My choice , no Easyjet in Asia.
Before I to sign off, I would like to say that I was recently told by pilots on conversion training that one such pilot ( who I won't 'denigrate ' here) had a cunning plan and took it upon himself to present his 'manifesto of change ' to the company , spelling out how they should run their business. I was told that it was this 'loose cannon 'act that has infact has stuffed commuting for all the Euro based 777 pilots.

You wouldn't know if there is any truth in this or, know who this schemer might be Gammon,would you?
Don't answer, read my 2 point plan again.
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