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Chuck Canuk,
I tend to agree with you ( if I get your meaning right).
I was ( in the words of Shaw and /or Twain) 'merely discussing price 'with Gammon.
A whore is a whore is a whore.
The wost is the kind that takes the money,then bitches about the customer while claiming all along to be 'hollier than thou'.

Nice to hear you admit your self interest in your 'facts' about CSA.
It appears to me that you would discourage others from investigating employment in an attempt to dry up the interest in CSA only to try and improve your lot at CSA.
What a nice guy you must be to work with. Stirling stuff.

Btw, do you really believe that there is only one airline in the world that smokes?
I can name 3 or 4 outside of China.

Now, why do I care?

Well ,there are many at CSA ( over all fleets)who are content and I am sure that there are others who would be content to work there as well.
May be we are not all professionally and emotionally fulfilled but, content.
I acknowledge that some are not happy and some even livid.
I was speaking to two 777 pilots ,just a week ago ,who are happy but, I understand that you are not.
Every airline has its problems and ,whether they know this or not, they certainly don't want to be told this by foreigners.
It appears to me that you don't realize this.

What is not needed is someone who would risk the success of the expat employment program for his own benefit. After all , it is the high salary in China that will drive up the worldwide remuneration not a lower salary with a tax free carrot.
Your actions threaten the livelihood of many as well as your own.
Do what you want with your own life but, leave mine alone.
Further, what do you know of life at 'real' airlines like Qatar and Etihad?
If you read the multitude of posts about Qatar , you would think twice about joining yet, I have friends there who are happy.
Try doing what your are doing there as see how long you last.

I have heard of 3 who left CSA and now want to return ( 2 went to your 'real' airlines )and ,a 330 pilot who didn't like the commute and left for more family time.

I see two options for you.
Play their game, work hard and they will eventually clear you to fly without an instructor, if you can meet their standard.You will then eventually become a C and then D Class Cpt.
Maybe by then they will get some bases sorted.
Good thing is you will still get your 7 pieces of silver while you wait.

2. As the job doesn't suit you or, you don't suit the job, please leave.

In both cases and ,for the sake of those who are content,I suggest that you keep your opinions to yourself .

Personally, I wish you would choose option 2.
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