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village of 100 will face 1000 refugees to be "integrated"

On Friday 16th October, the German BILD (a sort-of newspaper!?!) had a full page spread about a meeting to “advise”, from the (Queen of Europe’s) Merkel Govt. to the locals.

You can find BILD, easily for the original script, but here’s a summary, translated by my rough self into English for those who can’t get to grips with German.

Dr Alexander Goetz (suit & tie brigade), from the “Interior Ministry” met a village hall full of normal residents posing questions about their influx of “migrants”.

In a village of x100 inhabitants, it is quite remarkable that the meeting was attended by x800 visitors, along with folk from neighbouring villages.
The hall was fuller than a pig’s head, so some had to take standing space outside and view through the windows.
Lucky it wasn’t raining . . .

The village of “Sumte” (in Niedersachsen) has only x100 inhabitants, but is expected to accept 1000 migrants . . .

There is, since 2012, an unused office block on the edge of “town”. This is a new building, looks like two rows of large bungalows set up in a row. (Perhaps 100 or 200 folks may have been working there at some time?)

Now, apparently, approx 1000 people should live there, but “this is only for the short-term”, said Dr Goetz, and “the newcomers will not be confined to quarters (at all): we will not lock them in”.

A protestor (terrorist/freedom fighter, call it what you will), with an anorak, looking very worn from a hard days labour said;

“There is no supermarket anywhere near here. The infrastructure, especially the water/sewage systems can manage 100 folk, but probably not, 1100”.

[Has anybody thought about these consequences?]

and further;
“We need a 24/hour hot-call-line, and police must arrive pretty sharpish, in case something happens”.
[Hard to believe that one squad car arriving will quell any disturbances].

The answer to above questions from Dr Goetz:
“We’ll see how it goes, and improve as and when necessary”.

[Well, OK, that’s fine, until you or, someone you know, becomes a victim. The answer then would be “sorry”. But the damage will have been done].

The point was also raised to Grit Richter (the town‘s “mayoress”):
“Could we please have our street lamps re-lit please? It has been very dark out there, when it’s dark outside, and you turned the lights off to make a saving (as you previously informed us)”.

Earlier in the week, PEGIDA had a “protest march” with 8 or 9 thousand protestors (October 13th). They had two model gallows on display: reserved for Queen Merkel & sidekick Gabriel (the opposition leader).
The public prosecutor filed a charge of “disturbing the peace”, or something like that.
Apparently, the public prosecutor has since received an email death threat.
Investigations are ongoing.
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