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Jim, I can only use my two tours at Lossie as experience but I can't remember a situation where it would have been quicker to go over the top and rely on an unknown let down at the other end. As for letting down in the Moray Firth, it isn't as straight forward as you may think near the Beauly Firth end. With the correct low level skills (SAR basics) and goggles, a relatively fast transit can be made even in quite poor conditions. I'm not saying that a high level transit will never be used but it still won't be the best way on most occasions even with new technology. Before you ask, I have flown new technology in icing and snow without the pressure of a dying casualty and I know where I would rather be. Of course this relies on getting enough practice at low level and with goggles - Crab has done that one to death! I'm sure they will be fine with all the experience they have in place.
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