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What happened to the EI service that was announced from EMA? Half the flights shifted up the road to help to an airport that seemingly cannot sustain a Belfast or Isle of Man Service? Why? Is this a blip or a decision. (btw It's a decision). Could the owner of EMA kept those EI flights in tact if they had wanted to?
OK, I'll have a stab.

The EI Dublin service at EMA is up against it's own multi daily service from BHX, just down the road, and Ryanair. The EMA catchment is comparatively small, compared with BHX. Doncaster is further away from BHX, and the road / rail access to LBA is dreadful, giving Doncaster less competition on the Dublin route.

As for MAG "keeping these flights", it is not in the gift of MAG to "keep" EI. They (Aer Lingus) have to make a profit, and if the yields aren't there they will move the capacity to where it is. In case of doubt. Aer Lingus are continuing to operate through EMA this winter.

I'm not sure just how big a role you think that airports have in retaining traffic / carriers. They can always attract them, but keeping them, when any incentives have expired, is down to the economics of the airline, not the airport.
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