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Originally Posted by Logohu View Post
I think somebody has been reading too many James Bond novels lately. Why would MAG conspire to somehow stop passengers from using EMA ? Those passengers would be far more likely to use nearby BHX airport, than trek all the way to MAN.

Oh and another thing...airports don't pay airlines to use their facilities, its the other way around. Sure discounts/incentives may be offered here and there, but airport costs are only a tiny proportion of what it costs to fly an aircraft from A to B.
Quite how a company's decision making and strategy adjustment in response to competition is "out of a James Bond novel" I'm not sure! MAN changed their strategy from dissuading the low cost model to encouraging it. That decision affected the competition. Completely normal industrial posturing the world over. Is coca cola v pepsi out of a novel? Are the squabblings LHR v LGW out of a novel? - No. Dog eat Dog out there.

In the 1970/80s airlines used to pay airports to be there. These days the airports (of which there are too many in England) fight tooth and nail to get an airline on board. In real terms the airport pays the airline to be there - the over all deal. Look around the country - Cardiff, Bournemouth, LBA even Teesside had a go.

As for the rest - it's nothing to do with Birmingham. It's to prevent another 'Birmingham' from spawning. Nothing to do with pushing EMA passengers to MAN. Perhaps read my post again. If you cannot get it - no problem. Lose a battle to help win a bigger battle - normal industrial affair the world over.

No one has answered my question;

What happened to the EI service that was announced from EMA? Half the flights shifted up the road to help to an airport that seemingly cannot sustain a Belfast or Isle of Man Service? Why? Is this a blip or a decision. (btw It's a decision). Could the owner of EMA kept those EI flights in tact if they had wanted to?

Oh well - I'll get back to my novel.