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Lead Balloon, I was just commenting on your own suggestion! You said this:

If the enforcement options available to the regulator were instead, for example, only education, counselling or proving, to the civil standard of proof, that the pilot's licence should be suspended or revoked, I reckon most of CASA's critics on the enforcement front wouldn't give a toss about the regulator's "philosophy". That's because the regulator's "philosophy" could change to "nuke everybody" and it wouldn't matter - the regulator wouldn't have the weapons to implement its "philosophy".
which boils down to CASA only having the options to

a) educate
b) counsel
c) prove the wrongdoing in court

That's why I mentioned court and the associated pain - I'm not defending it as a good option! You were the one who suggested not having other options.

Ask them how painless and cost-free CASA's acts of pure bastadry in relation to pilots with CVD were for Dr Pape and John
Again, I only mentioned the courts to illustrate the undesirability of going down that path, although you and aroa seem to think I reckon it's a good idea!

I was just a bit surprised to see the calls for more rigid rules and less flexibility in their delivery. Combined with no middle ground options, that would have us all either copping everything sweet or many more court cases, surely.
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