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Originally Posted by Retired DC9 driver
. . . overwing exit row passengers . . .
In my opinion these rows should be offered to deadheading/retired crew first
Over thirty years ago, being a frequent long haul flier in the defence industry ,ex military and married at the time to an ex-BA stewardess, I suggested a similar type of scheme .
The idea was for fit, regular, passengers from suitable backgrounds in industry to undergo a short course of airline ( e.g. B.A.) cabin training, including some "friend in the cabin" aspects for some situations, as well as being able to bodily assist in cabin evacuation.
Such individuals would be listed and identified on booking and discreetly seated by an exit, with the cabin crew being made aware of the fact during crew brief.
A poll of B.A. flight deck crew met with an enthusiastic response - provided said selected individuals abstained from alcohol during flight. Through my company into SBAC, there was a positive feedback with other companies expressing willingness to fund their participants through any such training.
Unfortunately B.A. , via a signed letter from Colin Marshall, thought such a scheme unnecessary since the airline had the fullest confidence in its current procedures - a near identical letter coming back from BALPA.
Funnily enough ,some time later on a B.A.TriStar flight back from New Delhi in rough weather, the cabin crew were very supportive of my volunteering to clamber around the cabin strapping in confused and frightened Indian passengers.
As a P.S. I do believe that it was then a policy, in some airlines at least, to preferentially seat passengers of a particular profile on certain flights, by escape exits in any event.
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