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Mzguilty. Thank you for your reply. I am not arguing with anything you say, nor decrying the good job evidently done in this case. I am listening to what people say but I think others are not listening to me! Point I was trying to make is that it is all very well for us all to agree that the passengers acted selfishly in carrying their luggage, and acted clearly in contravention of instructions, nevertheless a hero went down the slide with a wheelie. Point is, should his action cause harm to another passenger, wouldn't that passenger have a complaint against the operator? Being incapacitated at the bottom of the slide could be a serious issue during a full evacuation.

If the instructions are clear but the staff member at the exit allowed contravention, then I reckon there is the risk of a claim.

So, yes, letting the guy go may well be for the greater good but you now have to argue in law against a passenger who was hurt in consequence of your actions.

Ultimate answer in my view is to shrink the overheads and restrict carry on but guess what, the safety is paramount mantra seems to stumble here against the convenience of passengers.

I hope they find the guy with the wheelie and make him eat it.
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