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I merely expressed my surprise that deploying the port escape chutes was delivering the escaping passengers into what could be (in this scenario) a danger area. I am well aware that the pilot cannot see the engine from the cockpit and was perhaps unaware of the extent/seriousness of the fire.
The captain will have ordered the evacuation (Evac alarm and/or by PA, preferably both) and also possibly highlighted in the PA that there was a hazard on the left of the aircraft (in this case). As others have pointed out it is then down to the individual crew member at each door to assess for hazards outside their own exit before deciding whether to open their door or keep it closed and redirect passengers to an available exit. That looks like what happen here since 2L and possibly others don't appear to have been used. Given the location of the fire and the hull length of a 777 I can see no reason at all why the attendants shouldn't have used the forward and aft doors on the left (1 Left and 4 Left in this case).

Hope that helps and reduces the element of surprise.
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