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I'm interested in what would have happened if it had been post V1, and the pilot just proceeded to take off given a normal engine failure post v1.
The question is, what would have happened if they had been comitted to getting it in the air. Possibly with the fire actions on that engine, the fire might have extinguished and the flames blown straight back, so away from the fusellage. Thereafter, it would have been a normal one engine out landing. In which case, with the fire out, dumping might have been a consideration.

If the fire would burn on, that is fire extinguishing via shut offs and fire bottles unsuccessful such as in the event of the uncontained failure damaging fuel lines or a tank and it feeding the fire, then an immediate return and landing would have been necessary. There are quite a few runways around Las Vegas which can take a 777, yet with the fire equipment and all probably it would have meant a direct return to McCarran.

I remember that also in the British Airtours case in Manchester there were discussions of the "what if" type. What would have happened if they had gotten it in the air with the failure happening after V1? Quite possibly, they would have been all right, as the engine could have been secured and a normal OEI landing made. The really dangerous bit about an uncontained failure of this kind is when stopping with the engine still on fire. But if it happens before V1 that is what must happen.

In any case, it appears that also here the airplane was heavily damaged, possibly the cabin integrity lost if I look at some pictures. The fire services did a fantastic job to be there so fast and contain the situation.
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