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TC - I know I might have overreacted on this thread and I put my hand up to that, what started as banter got a bit out of hand.

However, your simplistic view of the RAF SAR Force is disingenuous and completely ignores how many people from other forces, who have done all that punchy war around the world stuff, there have been in the SARF.

You make it sound like everyone in RAF SAR has only ever known SAR which is patently untrue.

Whilst I know you are proud of your pedigree, you know I am proud of mine.

Generally, every RN pilot I have ever flown with has been a good bloke, but many have a greatly inflated opinion of their own professional capability - partly because they are always told (and tell themselves) how good they are. It's a bit like many F4 drivers were compared to the Lightning jocks, one bunch were very mixed but told you they were awesome, the others were awesome but were far more humble.

Less than a month left for the last RAF SAR flight - I still think it is a sad waste.
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