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So this is a rumour network and the rumour I heard was AeroRescue people from Cairns to join PX on the F100/70.

I was looking for a true or false.

All new recruits to "B Scale".

Therefore if the above is true which it may not be, do they know PX is in court with regards to industrial action? That is in court with the APA, NAPU & Cadets (220 odd not wanting to accept the above conditions).

If outside help be it AeroRescue people or anyone else it doesn't help the existing pilots case. Note certain website removed the PX job adverts for this reason.

The signing of any "B Scale" contract can only help the PX managements case.

As for the loss of the AeroRescue Cairns I contract I know nothing about.

Does this clarify my post?

Further to that I would like to clear the air with some facts about me with regards to your post:

I understand nationalisation is the future (barking up the wrong tree if this post is about racism as my wife and kids are Papua New Guineans).

Let's not head towards I'm a cadet bashed cause the mentioned wife is an ex cadet all be it not a pilot nor anything to do with PX hence I'm all for cadetships.

As for citizenship I qualify on 2 fronts 1) Wife 2) Over 10 years in PNG (not as long as some but enough to understand a little)

Returning to Oz hasn't been ruled out.

So Expats, Nationals & Cadets (current pilots) are in court / industrial action over pay & conditions and people are will to come in and accept B Scale..

I've been called worse things than childish. I'm just a small fish in a small pond.

Can I suggest instead of closing the thread just ban me perhaps as I feel lots of valid points are being raised.
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