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Commuter, I will try and answer:

The commuting contract is ONLY Ankara, not available any other base.

The salary is net

Occasionally crew are used at other bases but usually for only 2 days max to cover "open duties " of night flights. Open duty is late flight, 3/4 hours hotel then early return, although with the delays the hotac time can be nil.

Transport is provided by the company at main and any deployment base.

Roster is published towards the last working day of the month for home journey planning, but you can plan multiple ID travel and refund the ones you don't use.

If you finish on a late and start on an early that means your available time " at home" uses a day each way to travel. Some guys got caught out travelling back on a work day as the roster can change from an afternoon flight to a morning flight and it is best to be back at base the day before otherwise you are " no show"

Days off during working pattern are " proportional to days worked". So if you need 1 in 7 you can work 6 days on, 1 off, six on 2 off and then six on 7 off.

For Flydog, if you have A 320 rating go to Pegasus, you will also be able to be on a "commuting roster" from Istanbul base, Pegasus pay in Lira, but they pay Captains per sector bonus as well so the pay is much better.
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