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Dear Mr Gallacher,

I read and then quoted exactly what you wrote, rather than trying to guess at what you meant. Is that being terribly unfair, simply quoting what you wrote?

If you had bothered to look it up, by the way, you might learn that over three times as many, 156, US police officers died from being shot in the line of duty in 2014.

I too have been shot at. That was not being shot at by a jealous boyfriend, for example, but merely being shot at by a rather disorderly group of strangers, people I had not even been properly introduced to.

My assailants seemed to be armed robbers who fell prey to a lucky, for me, combination of poor impulse control and poor aim, so that they missed me after opening up at close range. (That was in a country with extremely strict gun control laws, by the way.) There was no particular emotional background to this, such as a failed love affair, so that I soon got over being shot at, particularly since I was not hit.

It's true that I failed to take the personal aspect of a gun attack into consideration, when your gun attack may well have been much more traumatic than mine. Please accept my condolences.


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