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I live in Germany, not the USA, but I recently spent most of three happy years in Vermont, a state that allows concealed carry. That did not trouble me at all. On the other hand, I did not bother to buy a gun since I did not feel the need for one while there.

Another thing you seem to overlook is that many of those who are shot each day probably need that, so that you could view this as a sort of cull of vermin if you like.

On the other hand, "50 or so policemen shot dead ... " per day?

Large stretches of the UK could profit from that, I think. Walking down Mile End road with your hoodie's hood up, eating those nasty, limp chips and then dropping the bag on the pavement ... Bang! Sorted! You could use those guys who shoot foxes for this, I think. Put a bounty on anyone dropping his chips bag and see if London doesn't look better immediately. Okay, maybe just kneecap anyone wearing a hoodie ... I wouldn't want to come across as too cavalier here.

Do try to think a bit beyond your own blinkered mindsets, you mindlessly anti-gun people!

Posting about wowsers ... they do affect my chosen way of life, my "cavalier attitude" and all, so there!
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