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Cucuotto, you should have problem reading my post.

If you call P2F making 9500€/month with a free of charge TR, you brain should be misleading you.

SXS is offering as well a good private health insurance which worth many european social security system. I've used it for my all family in private hospital with translater for patient, don't know if you would get the same service anywhere in Europe. But it looks like you are part of these fustrated guys loosing their time on Forum to complain about everything.

And about my Gipsy condition, i gave up since I join SXS... I was gipsy when flying not even for a low cost european company which treated several of us worst than anything yu can find in Turkey. If you don't like it, it's your right, stay home but give the opportunity to others to express their view.

And to complete my answer for others, new contracts have dropped this illegal bit about reimbursing the non worked period before end of contract. Nowadays, everybody has a three months notice starting from day one.
Yes, international school are awful'expensive.
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