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Up to a point I can agree with Lonewolf,what I cannot accept is linking the possession of a gun with freedom.Much is made in the USA of so- called freedom when in fact there are many other developed countries where there is as much freedom as in the USA. As far as cultural influences are concerned there is really little difference in the western world - all of us especially the young are subject increasingly to a common culture through social media,television and the relative ease of travel. I have absolutely no doubt that if firearms were available in the UK to the same extent as in the U.S. We would have the same problems - I do not believe that we are morally superior to the population of any other developed country.Today the Chief Constable of Scotland resigned due to public pressure - one of the reasons for this was that he allowed firearms trained officers to carry weapons in the course of normal duties,this has never before been policy and the Scottish people found it unacceptable.We have the freedom to go about our daily lives without the fear of being shot intentionally or otherwise by an over zealous policeman and our police can go about their duties without the fear of being shot by armed criminals - we would not swap this freedom from fear for the freedom to carry a handgun.
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