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Originally Posted by Guptar View Post
I wish I knew the answer to this madness.
Your answer is easy: stay in Oz. That goes for the rest of you as well, VH-UFO's silliness standing out as a particularly useless bit of frothing at the mouth.

The dysfunction in our culture is a byproduct of a few things, one of which is the fundamental premise of freedom and personal sovereignty. That freedom is messy is well known, and it is inefficient, but it's what we'd rather. It leads to things like a court system that often lets people off (OJ Simpson trial as an example) but that imperfection is preferred to the alternative. "I think I can get away with that ..." is a common frame of reference.

Link that to a general societal moral decay: these feed each other synergistically. (Insert here something about a free society not being possible without a strong moral foundation, Madison or Monroe, founding father, and correct). When "it's all about me" and me is living a life of daily frustration when the promise has been success (see the musical Avenue Q for a nice illustration of the mixed signals people get sent as they grow up) you get expectations way out of whack with reality. What does that lead to? Anger. Psychology 101: broken promises and unmet expectations are a root cause of anger.

That meme about how special you are ... has been amplified recently by the overly connected age we live in. I'd suggest that it's foundation is rooted in the 50's and 60's at a cultural level. Oddly enough, that was a period of amazing economic abundance. As gen x showed up, during another burst of economic increase (the 80's and 90's) it happens again to a lesser extent.

Contrast that to when my parents grew up, when sacrifice was required.

Back to what the environment feeds people as they form: it was also the critical growth period coincides with over-stimulation in the visual channel -- television. That's been amplified by the rest of the visual overload of the electronic age.

Top it off with the sustained entertainment value of violence -- in sport, on TV, games, in movies, etc -- and add on copy cat behavior of self-absorbed, attention craving people ... no surprise, really. I am surprised that it doesn't happen more often.

Monkey see, monkey do. It's an old pattern of human behavior. A child psychologist we worked with when we were concerned about our son's learning skills (works out not a problem, late bloomer) has been doing neuro science for years. As he explained to me about 15 years ago ... the environment we live in imprints on our kids, and it's toxic. When I asked him if it was infecting me his reply was to ask me about how I grew up. I explained a bit and his comment was that my parents sort of inoculated me by how they limited and controlled what I was exposed to until I got to my teenage years.

Anyway, we are raising people in a toxic environment, socially, and have for 40 or 50 years. it's no surprise we have a lot of whack jobs: we are a petri dish for breeding them.

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