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If you are on AFPS 75, your pension is effectively frozen at 34 years service, which for many will be around the age of 55. The only difference is that whatever that figure is, it will rise by pay rise levels only up until you actually start claiming your pension at 60.

There is a vast difference for those on pension scheme 05 who will indeed keep earning towards their 60 years of age point. I know of 2 recent PAS sqn ldrs who both signed onto 60 with one on AFPS 75 and the other on 05. The 1st one has a very modest increase in pension due primarily to the age he accepted PAS (i.e, over 50). The 2nd one has seen his pension jump from approx. 28.5k to over 42k. I have also heard of flt lt PAS aircrew looking at pensions in the 45k bracket!
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