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A Sickness in US Society

Yet again, out morning news is dominated by a senseless killing in the USA by someone who has a grudge against the world. Schoolchildren, elderly, young & old. Today, 2 reporters who were just doing their jobs won't come home to their families. All because some jerk feels aggrieved, powerless, someone who wants to make their mark on the world and achieve notoriety by killing innocent people.

This is not to be taken as US bashing, but there is a sickness, a cancer in the US psyche that allows people to normalise behaviour that is unconscionable. People who feel unappreciated, ignored, cheated, slighted are taking to extreme violence to make their point. A guys gets dumped by his GF, takes his frustration out by killing 7 innocent people. There are many other stories like this......dozens & dozens. It seems life has become cheap. It seems the fabric of civilised society is being unstitched, one bullet case at a time.

The rest of the world looks on, in disbelief and pity, shares the sorrow of our American friends. The shining light of democracy, culture and civilisation, but becoming a land where just by doing the most mundane of lifes activities, going shopping, to the cinema, to school.....or to work can result in you being killed by someone who has a grudge on life.

This culture is being exported, kids talk of wasting someone because of a Facebook post, young men stating they cant go out without being tooled up. This unfortunately happing now in Australia.

I wish I knew the answer to this madness.
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