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This quote really spells out the confusion I felt as I ran that - shall we say - main video at 12 - 18 seconds. It carries on into the logical conclusion of one hypothesis.

Originally Posted by Luc Lion

I see that the plane entered the loop wing-level and remained wing-level up to shortly after 60 into the loop. A quarter roll took place between 60 and about 80 into the loop. As a result, the plane never flew vertically and the whole quarter leaf figure is distorted ; its main axis is tilted 15-20 to the vertical in a southern direction. The actual apex was thus lower than the apex of the initial loop movement and also lower than the apex of the intended figure which, I believe, is what Tailspin Turtle depicts.

I wouldn't dare to comment on the cause of this early rolling motion but I think it has a direct causal effect on the descending loop aiming below ground level.

[quote=Tailspin Turtle . . .
The roll following the pull up then has a purpose, which is to reposition the plane of the loop so that the pullout is along the axis of the show line. However, not quite reaching the vertical does reduce the apex of the loop and the roll uses a little energy, both reducing the altitude gain expected from a straightforward loop entry.

The other problem is that the roll puts the show line behind the pilot and the amount of roll required to align with it might be difficult to determine at this venue.[/QUOTE]

Originally Posted by Despairing Traveller
. . . It is entirely possible that the exact path flown is no more than a best attempt to salvage a flight that had already gone horribly wrong for whatever reason . . .
I think this is probably true, but you go on to say:

I find the compulsion of many people to treat a tragic accident as a sort of online puzzle increasingly disturbing. Sudden death shouldn't be an excuse for amateur hour, or a source of light entertainment for the uninvolved.
That is exactly what we do on this thread. Every professional pilot is expected to consider every detail of every crash that occurs before and during their career. It's not a mindset that can be switched off for the sensibilities of others.
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