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RiSq, I understand what you are trying to say here, but ultimately the pilot made an error of judgment of massive proportions by flying over the A27. And not just over it but along it. I would be the first to agree that he had a huge amount of bad luck but he contributed to and compounded that by making bad decisions.
I refer you to post 87 with the diagram of Shoreham for the 2014 display. We don't need the AAIB to tell us that the Hunter was flying over the A27. Are you suggesting that it was intentional? Because that is the inevitable corollary of your post.
(By the way I know the A27 very well, I also know Shoreham well having flown in and out of in many times (do you? have you?) so don't need that map thanks).

How on earth do you reach that conclusion. I merely posted this because according to RiSq he knows what happened - pilot error - how can anyone on here know what happened? You have no idea whether something happened with the aircraft or not, so instead of speculating why don't you do the sensible thing and wait for the AAIB to tell us what really happened.

There are lots of incidences where on the face of it it looks like pilot error when in fact it was some malfunction.
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