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As one who was there I can tell you there were no road works on the A27 at that junction. Traffic management cones only in use to separate the through traffic from show traffic, No traffic lights in use, there are only Pedestrian Crossing lights there and they were hooded and NOT in use. Large signs telling you not to cross. There were many blue police signs in place warning people NO VIEWING! meaning no stopping, no watching, no photography on the entrance/junction both ways. I saw them and walked back to the beach. If anyone stood there to watch they were in complete contravention of the Police Signs/advice.

A very sad and tragic day for all involved and affected. But like others I do NOT want air shows stopped because of a rare and unique event, and I have sadly witnessed many over the years. Lets wait and see what the AAIB reports. Thanks to this Forum and some of the informed experience of others who have at actually done it at least its clear to me now why he had flap on as he ran in overhead me to display seemed odd to me then as he didn't seem to be going especially fast?
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