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Sea front?

This was a tragic and so far inexplicable event. Unfortunately I was present at the 2007 Hurricane crash which occurred very close by.

For those suggesting the relocation of an extremely well-attended and well-organised annual RAAFA fund-raiser, I'd like an explanation of how it could possibly be held at the beach. I've watched the airshow at Eastbourne from the cliffs but it's an entirely different and far more limited event without static displays etc.

It's likely that useful lessons will be learned, as with any accident. However it would be a great loss if this event was curtailed or totally neutered in consequence. Let's recall that a significant component of the show is that it commemorates the events that took place in these same skies in August/September 1940, without which Britain would almost certainly be a very different place. As a pervasive amnesia and gradual dilution of public recollection overtakes us, this is something that must be preserved.
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