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Oh C'mon Crystal ! It was way back then. Should the poor guy have walked ? He already told the cop he was too pished for that ! I think it was all a bit tongue in cheek. Around Art's time, I was there too. We all had landing drinks & we all went on to the glorious "Vanners". Some claimed to have spent the night on the floor of the Vanners ! Probably, in those days, at spilling out time, there was no-one on the road to Oxford.

I agree with SOPS. Different measurement techniques, different afflictions and widely different results. Try, also, coming in to work whilst enduring a messy divorce.Massive influence on performance. Random Psyche testing perhaps. Crystal would love that !

Crystal, rounding on chaps with such anger is worrying, actually. Touch of the green eye ? Always wanted a yellow Mk1V Spit ? Chill, or we might head even faster for the pure state you goody goody seeks. Not advocating drink/driving either, but you probably missed that. No humour, no Mk1V, zero tolerance......................, thought of N Korea ?
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