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Why not? The rest of us wouldn’t tolerate such a dangerous colleague in our midst . . .

In other words, a real-life Whitaker wouldn’t survive two minutes at an airline, and all commercial pilots—including, if not especially, those who’ve dealt with drug or alcohol addiction—should feel slandered by his ugly caricature.

A subject close to my heart. Of course, my nemeses were men that flew at the end of, if not in, the war. When finally I'd had enough I stormed out of the best job I'd had - well, in pay anyway.

For the first time I recently wrote a bit of it up in R&N, and to my astonishment, it was allowed to remain - for a while at least. I've always intended writing the whole horrifying 18 months up on PPRuNe, but despite being willing to battle in court, it was years too late. Back then, some of the people that failed to do the right thing had become friends. Two of them close friends. I was torn then but now I'm concerned as it doesn't seem fair to attack folk that are no longer able to defend themselves. Perhaps what I'd do is leave out the names and airline as I did on R&N. Perhaps.
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