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An informative response. However, you conveniently do not respond to my question; How many agency pilots have so far been transferred to direct employment with Norwegian, as promised by Kjos in his letter to the U.S. DoT on June 1st, this year ?

"It has been and will continue to be our firm policy to offer all pilots and cabin crew employed through agencies the opportunity to transfer their employment to a company in the Norwegian Group at the end of a transitional period"

The Kjos letter, Exhibit 1, can be viewed at the following link: Regulations.gov (ref: DOT-OST-2013-0204-0203, pdf attachment)

I note from the BALPA website that Norwegian pilots are now part of a 9,000 strong family. The word 'strong' has never been so misplaced.

"The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) has announced that pilots from West Atlantic Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle have decided to be represented at work and at a national and international level by the professional association for the UK pilot family"

BALPA announcement Link: BALPA | Norwegian Air Shuttle & West Atlantic pilots join growing BALPA pilot family

Surely a 9,000 'strong' family, would have no trouble bringing Kjos to task over his signed promise to employ their member pilots directly, rather than rent pilots from third-party agencies.

Meanwhile, if you walk along Bath Road, between the LHR aircraft noise, you will hear the sound 'ca-ching ca-ching' as Norwegian pilots union dues are deposited in the BALPA cash register.
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