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Mr Lovett-

All good/cool- do hear where you are coming from.

For my part, once- Reg Compliance wasn't open to Committee/ 'Individual'/ Regulatory (operative) Campaigning/ or Personal Interpretation- be it, buying in/ or operating a Maintenance Organisation........ 'one' was responsible- end of story. And as such, the designated Representative of the Regulator was involved/ & working together in 'real time'.....

In this world of Regulator/ or 3rd Party Aviation Safety Consultant- Empire Building & Issue Capture/ the Low Cost Carrier Model that we've watched since the 2000's (yup, I'm running a theme here...)- there are (in 'my' view) a number blinding abrogation's or diffusion of Responsibilities.....- 3rd Party Load Control & Dispatch in AU (be it Domestic or Intl), is another........

Anyhoo- good luck to you Sir, you with your:

'since I had a rush of insanity and decided that taking on CASA would be more productive.'
Reckon, you'll get more than Hangar Rash out of that journey- but go hard and well done on devoting the time/& $'s...............

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