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Talking to now-retired airline pilots, and reading books written by a few (have a look at Arthur Whitlock's wonderful 'Behind the Cockpit Door' for instance), drink featured strongly. Getting plastered the night before a flight was common. One captain known to a friend of mine was an ocean-going alchoholic. He didn't eat - just drank, and drank.

He seemed OK doing his job as long as he was tanked up. Only if he were suffering lack of drink did he become a shaking wreck. On those days, the rest of the crew covered for him.

But, were there any airline accidents caused by drunken crew? My retired airline captain mates can't remember any.

I'm not condoning drinking and flying, and have never done that myself (nor, apart from a few occasions back in me yoof when it was more socially 'acceptable' and I knew no better, have I drunk and driven). But in a multi-crew environment, has drinking been known to be a factor in any airliner accident? Is there a case for tougher anti-drink rules or not?
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