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Who are your nicest celebs....

Nicest people I ever had on a flight were the real old time movie stars
Lord Attenborough was an absolute delight, so appreciative of everything we did.
Sophia Loren was beautiful and so polite.
Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks - he was hilarious but she was really quiet, almost shy!

Other more up to date lovely "guests" have included
Cameron Diaz, a delight
Beyonce, who did painting by numbers all flight
Bryan Adams, so very polite he called the Purser sir every time he asked for anything.
Michael Douglas a real gentleman
Tom Conti in the days before personal IFE screens-he had to watch himself in Shirley Valentine on the big screen in f/c
Victoria Beckham eats nothing and sleeps!
The Saudi Royal Family and Greek Royal Family were a pleasure to serve
and strangely MP John Prescott was very pleasant but he did work as a steward in his youth and knew some of our Crew!

To be avoided -
Ben Affleck, ignorant rude pig who slept with his timberland boots resting on the top of the seat in front of him (the seat was occupied!)
Mick Hucknall, proclaimed he would not eat his requested veg meal as it was s***
Elton John - absolute misery! Think he was upset it was an all girl crew from LA to LHR
Geri Halliwell - precious princess whose finger was permanently attached to the call bell. Our purser was going to inform her we didn't need a princess we already had a Duchess in 1A!
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